Since living things have two radically different ways of being—alive and dead—I’ve been asking myself, when I see a figure in a sculpture or painting, how do I know if this figure I’m looking at—whether it is sitting on a chair wearing a fox mask/head or lying down with open eyes and bleeding wounds—how do I know if this figure is alive or dead?
Or is it playing dead?
I am trying to create images and compositions that will hold this question, and cast a certain amount of doubt on the aliveness of the represented figures and their relation to one another.
The nature of the medium, being both still and mute, allows for these questions to appear. The works depict situations where power structures and hierarchies are called into question: who is alive and who is dead? Who is the victim and who is the murderer? Who is human and who is animal? I am interested in the aesthetic and formal aspects of these questions, in their graphic appearance, as well as in their ethical implications.
In addition to my sculptural work, i am also engaged in creating short animation movies and in making music as a part of the rock band ECHO BENCH.

Born, Israel 1980
Live and work in New York


2014 MFA Columbia University – Visual Arts Candidate
2006 B.Ed. Hamidrasha School of visual art, Beit Berl College

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Odile Ouizman Gallery, Paris
2015 "Hayot", Noga Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2012 "Ed", Noga Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 "Dry", Culturescapse Basel, Switzerland 2011 “The Raspberry Land”, Tel Aviv museum Tel Aviv Israel
2009 "-80 degrees Celsius", Noga art gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2007 “Pier”, Noga art gallery, project room Tel Aviv, Israel

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Void Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland
2015 Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv
2015 “Partial Presence”, Zabludowicz Collection, London
2015 The Armory Show, New York, Artis booth
2014 Inside Out Art Museum Beijing, China 2014 Aran Cravey Gallery Los Angeles
2014 Columbia MFA graduates show New York
2014 “Pale fire”, Neiman Gallery, Columbia university New York
2013 First Year MFA Exhibition, Wallach Gallery New York
2013 Macro museum Rome, Italy
2012 Rutgers gallery New Jersey
2012 "The great playwood", Zommer Art Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 “Alaska school”, Hamidrasha gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 “Friday”, Hanina gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 The Armory Show New York
2009 “What does sculpture want?” Bezalel gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 “Lilies”, Herzelia biennale Herzliya, Israel
2009 “Universal circus”, Art TLV Biennale Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 “The fall”, Beit panorama Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 “D.I.Y”, Herzliya museum Herzliya, Israel
2007 “Manoa”, Minshar art gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2007 “Haaretz art festival”, Jaffa port Jaffa, Israel
2007 “Rhythm”, Hulon technology center Hulon, Israel
2006 “Haaretz” art festival, Riding Tel Aviv, Israel

Prizes & Scholarships

2014 Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program
2013 Israel Artists Fund Recipient, Columbia University School of the Arts
2012 Young artist prize, ministry of culture, Israel
2006-7 America Israel Cultural Foundation
2006 Excellency scholarship, Beit Berl Collage